About Us

The Clubhouse is located right off Main Street (Rt. 164) in Washburn, ME. Just turn off Main Street onto Station Road, drive to the end and you are at the clubhouse. By snowmobile, we are located at the intersection of ITS 83 and ITS 105. You can't miss us! 

We maintain and groom approximately 40 miles of trail in the heart of the ITS system. We care for ITS 83 from the PI/Washburn Trestle to the Carson Road in Woodland. ITS 105 is maintained by us starting at the Castle Hill Road in Washburn all the way to Blackstone Siding in New Sweden. Trail 61 is our club trail that gives you a fun ride to the WW II B-25 Plane Crash site as well as a nice short cut to ITS 90 going towards Portage. You truly can get to all points North, South, East or West from here!
Active Members

Club Directors for 2021-2022 
Timothy Stitham, Herman Belanger, Dick Hartford, Audrey Hartford, Matt Cole, Scott Clark,
Loren Johnson, Robert Gagnon, Doug Beaulieu. 

MSA Directors and Alternates
 Timothy Stitham, Herman Belanger & Matt Cole. Alternates Scott Clark & Doug Beaulieu

Club Officers for 2021-2022
 President/Project Coordinator - Timothy Stitham, Vice President/Secretary - Herman Belanger, 
Treasurer - Dick Hartford, Trail Master - Matt Cole, Asst. TM Scott Clark & Kitchen Manager -Audrey Hartford.

Groomer Operators
 Matt Cole, Scott Clark, Timothy Sttham, Herman Belanger, Doug Beaulieu, Kevin Goodine, Kaleb Stitham,
Loren Johnson, Ryan Hall, Steve Cray and Brent Bubar. 

Kitchen Crew
Dick Hartford, Audrey Hartford, Doug Beaulieu, Bob Gagnon, Loren Johnson, Herman Belanger,
Rodney Sperrey, Terry Winger, Larry Bull, Dan Williams and Deb Williams.